Adele’s Signature ‘Big’ Hairstyle

Adele’s Signature ‘Big’ Hairstyle

You may also notice that there is one of today’s most popular pop singers that consistently appear with typical hairstyle. Yes, Adele keeps her signature hairstyle with big hair like what we can find in sixties but with modern touch especially with the make-up. Her hair stylist said that Adele should look great on the red carpet. Therefore, he adapted classic hair styles from some references such as films and images. Can we create the same at home? Well, let’s try!

What we need to create such big hair style is good old heated rollers. We can set the hair on the heated roller right after blow-drying. There are some recommended products of heated rollers we can try for this. The first is Cloud Nine’s ‘The O’ that costs around $300 or the cheaper one Yogi Fat-Barrel Wand that costs for about $98.

Well, it seems quite risky if you directly set your hair before practicing at home. To make sure that you really do the hair well, you should call you hair stylist to consult the tricks how to create the big hair style. At least, you should find the references about this one to get the best result. Once you ready, you can show off in front of people on any occasions.

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