How to Choose Right Lingerie

Choose Right Lingerie

Buying a lingerie does not mean that you choose the sexiest one but you also have to consider most comfortable one. Whether you buy it for yourself or for your partner, you should choose the most suitable lingerie based on your style and size.

First, pick lingerie based on your size and shape. Nothing better than use lingerie that perfectly fit in your body. Determine your body shape that can be apple, ruler, or pear. If you have apple shape body, it means your upper body is bigger than the lower. Therefore, buy bigger bra and smaller panty. Then, pear is the opposite of apple shape so buy padded bra. For ruler, usually people with slim body have this type. Second, search lingerie that you want in many shops. You can visit one shop to other shop until you find the best one. It is better for you to go to lingerie shop that provides various kinds of styles, fabrics, and prices. If you prepare couple of bucks then you can visit Victoria Secret that has high-quality lingerie.

Choose Right Lingerie

Before you purchase the lingerie, you had better to try it first. Make sure that the lingerie does not pinch your skin when you move around. You also have to remember that some lingerie needs special care to clean it, such as silk and lace. It depends on the fabric. If you do not want to bother with the treatment, you can choose cotton fabric.

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