Silicone Bands

Children and teenagers have worn silicone wristbands for many years as a fashion statement, but parents are finding more practical reasons to buy into silicone bands. Not only are they stylish on the wrist, but they are functional tools to solve some of the most common problems encountered at parties for all ages.

A Cup of Waste

It is not uncommon to attend a party and see tables littered with half-empty cups by the end of the event. Children are prone to take a few drinks and set their cups down without paying attention to where they are setting those cups. When they want another drink, they can’t remember which cup was theirs and go back to get a new one.

This is wasteful, since the remaining contents of those cups are eventually dumped down the drain. Silicone bands labeled with each child’s name are the perfect solution to this problem. When personalized bands are too expensive for all party guests, each child can receive a different color of band. The bands slip easily around bottles and some cups, so they are reused to save money.

Preferred Party Favors

Party favors are essential for birthday celebrations, but most of the cheap plastic favors on the market end up in the trash can or at the bottom of toy boxes collecting dust. Silicone bands are the solution because they are fashion accessories that kids and adults will actually use after the party. They start out marking bottles or cups and end up on wrists.
Are you interested in solving your party problems with fashionable silicone bands? You can learn more by visiting the Band-tastic website.

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