Some Types of Lingerie You Should Know

Types of Lingerie

Lingerie is a kind of undergarment that women use. This kind of undergarment may be a bit sexy and tempting. It is due to the fact that this undergarment is used to heat the moment, so it is only natural that this kind of undergarment is a bit revealing. There are actually some different types of lingerie that people should know. Knowing this will help those people to choose which lingerie they see fit to themselves and also to the purposes of wearing that kind of undergarment.

Types of Lingerie

The first type of lingerie is brass or brassieres. This one is a kind of lingerie that is commonly used by women. The second one is panty. Panties are just like brass. They are the most commonly used lingerie and they are also available everywhere. The third kind of lingerie is thongs and G-strings panties. These two kinds of panties are the ones that are released recently. They are pretty popular now among women. The next one is bustier. It is a kind of brass that is strapless and sexy. Next is chemise. This one is one of the simplest lingerie that is ever designed. The following kind of lingerie is camisole. It is short lingerie that is sleeveless and short. The last kind of lingerie is baby doll. This one is the cute lingerie that most women use as the replacement of their pajamas.

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